About Us

Specialising in Queenslander and Colonial Homes

The dream of owning a magnificent Queenslander or Colonial home is now a reality for many valued clients of Dalby business owner, Robert Smiley.

Trading as Dalby Removal Homes since 1992, the company has developed a market niche in the purchase and sales of many older style homes.

Coming from a rural background, Robert and wife Kristine became interested in Colonial and Queenslander homes when renovating their first home and they have continued to renovate.

Demolishing dilapidated farm houses and selling the materials lead them to source better homes more suitable for removal. Robert has extensive knowledge to guide you in the process of purchasing your own removal home.

Dalby Removal Homes, a member of the National Trust, operates from its Dalby office and provides sales advice to customers on price, relocation costs, design and renovation.

We purchase from developers, government, primary producers and others who need to relocate homes for land development and new construction.

The business services inquiries from local and interstate customers thinking of relocating in South East Queensland. Our removal contractors are professional and experienced operators.

Removal Home Enquiry

How we can help...

Here are some of the main benefits that customers of Dalby Removal Homes enjoy ….

Experienced Removal Contractors

We have local knowledge and years of experience.

Removal Homes

We source many homes from both rural and metropolitan locations in QLD and NSW.​

Industry Knowledge

We provide all the information and knowledge to make an informed decision.

Our focus is on you, the customer.

Our Vision

To help our valued clients to realise the dream of owning a removal home.​

Protection of Old Homes

We care for the environment and protection of significant old homes.

Ecological Benefits

Our aim is to provide a renewable resource by recycling old homes.