The Linaine Project

A Unique Gable Queenslander Style

Originally built on the “Linaine” farming property at Tummerville, this Gable style Queenslander building was the Mundt family home for many years.

In 2008, it was available for removal, and was chosen by the Queensland Art Gallery as a showpiece exhibit at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art during the 2009 “Contemporary Australia ~ Optimism” exhibition.

The unique Queenslander style and interior characteristics were highlighted, including the mounting of the house floor to the gallery wall to display the typical floor plan of the era, including the worn and varied linoleum floor coverings.

It was a huge task to firstly dismantle the building to the skirting board, and then section each room, load and transport to Brisbane. It was then mounted vertically to the gallery wall, while at all times the floor covering remained intact protected by a fibre-cement sheet.

The unique project was a telling reminder of the need to preserve these old timber homes with a view to one day relocating and renovating the house in its new surroundings.